Sellers FAQ


It is very easy to create a listing. Just click on post a listing and you can easily submit your inventory. Please make sure to add your Paypal account in order for your listings to go live and choose a plan.

Making a sale

Once a buyer purchases you will receive a notification to "Accept" the preauthorization, once accepted the funds transfer immediately to your PayPal account.

Shipping & Handling

Sellers are required to ship out within 2 business days and provide the buyer with tracking information through the direct messaging portal for your order. If the information is not provided the order is subject to cancellation and the seller will be charged a rejection fee, which is the same as the commission amount.

Getting Paid

The payment is immediate. PayPal will be required to sell.

Membership and Commission Charges

Commission charges are charged the 1st of each month for prior month sales.

Membership charges are charged 30 days after signup, reoccurring monthly unless canceled.

Returns & Refunds

Your listings provide an area to let buyers know what your return policy is for the particular lot listed.